Business Development Program

Ongoing Process Improvement

The Oculus Business Development Program is ongoing process improvement focused on five essential areas of your business.  You will get hands-on coaching that provides you the knowledge, the information, and the structural foundation for your business to thrive.  

These business disciplines and processes are:

1 | Leadership Culture 

  • Vision and strategy that gives direction and purpose to your employees and customers, and the spirit that injects energy into your business.

2 | Financial Acumen 

  • Money represents the financial side of your business. It’s obtaining money, controlling its movement into and within your business in the creation of your company’s financial value.

3 | Employee Development

  • Team Building and Management is the way you manage people. It’s how you get things done without doing them yourself.

4 | Operational Efficiency

  • Systems Development and utilization of the resources within your business to efficiently deliver on your promise to your customer. 

5 | Customer Acquisition

  • Marketing is the research and analysis of your markets and customers, and  creating awareness in your target markets and attracting customers to your business’s products and services.
  • Sales is the conversion of leads into customers.

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