Quick Tips


This collection of short suggestions, advise and insights have been gathered from a variety of leaders and noteworthy experts. We encourage you to read through the list each day to find one that resonates with you and share with your team for a moment of inspiration.





There are many different strategies used in business. Hope is not one of them!

Generally speaking, there is a multitude of products and services available to buyers that are essentially the same. Remember this axiom, “Products and services need buyers more than buyers need products and services.” Successful businesses understand they don’t have a monopoly on the market and alternatives are usually available to buyers.

Regardless of how established a business is or the number of loyal customers, another business is “waiting in the wings ” for the opportunity to make its move to capture a share of the market. Moral of the story: never become complacent with products, services, or customers.

For many businesses, the name of the game is all about obtaining new customers. That’s great, but when all emphasis is placed on new customers and not taking care of existing, loyal customers, guess what happens to the loyal customers? They become the competition’s new customers!

Sales are made by not only talking but also listening to what customers actually want. A great sales pitch produces no revenue if it doesn’t pique the customer’s interests.

Customers might have money but with no desire or trust, there will never be a sale.

If business opportunities were easy with little or no risk, every business would be highly successful. Success, on the other hand, comes to those business owners who are willing to push the boundaries with a little hard work thrown in for good measure. Looking only at today misses the potential of tomorrow.

It always seems impossible until it’s done. Nelson Mandela