Investment Value

Consult with an industry expert by the hour or take advantage of our value-based business coaching packages. Your coach will help you plan strategies, keep track of key metrics to mark your progress and hold you accountable for results in a way no other program can.

Please don’t hesitate to request a quote for training or other items not listed below.

Oculus Assessments

Financial review – (per year, division/business unit)                               $1,250

Production assessment – (per division / business unit)                         $1,700

Operational assessment – (per division / business unit)                        $1,500

Marketing & Sales assessment – (per division / business unit)             $1,500

Stakeholders survey – (per employee / 5 minimum)                               $  120

Oculus Coaching Programs

Pathway (per month)                                                                                 $    675*

Trailblazer (per month)                                                                             $ 2,850*

Fast Track                                                                                             $ Per Quote

* based on prepaid 12-month engagement

Oculus Consultation

General Consulting (4-hour minimum)                                                    $ 350 / hour

I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.
Michael Jordan