Business Development Meetings for Employees

Engaging Your People’s Hearts and Minds

Do your employees know your vision for the company?
Is everyone excited to be there?
Do your workers have a voice?
How prepared is your staff to be a part of change?

Holding a company-wide meeting to talk to your employees about your vision for the company and how you’re planning on getting there is a powerful way to create excitement, positive expectations and is a key benchmark in building your business. Here are some reasons it’s so important.

  • It’s the most effective platform for delivering your vision and securing the emotional commitment to move forward with it
  • It creates a sense of “we’re all in this together.” Everyone is important. We’re all hearing the same message at the same time
  • It allows you to address employee concerns and fears both directly and indirectly: if ignored or handled improperly, it could sabotage your business development efforts
  • It’s part of your ongoing management system for keeping everyone focused and involved in the process of innovation, quantification, and orchestration in your business
  • It’s the way to get everyone working on the business not just in it!

During this process, the majority of your staff will be ready and eager to join you build a company that really works. Some of your employees however, may not react as favorably as you expect, due to underlying concerns or fears about what the changes will mean to them. You can minimize these fears and help your people face the changes with strength and maturity by;

  • Positioning changes in your employees’ self-interest
  • Helping them focus what they truly want
  • Stating clearly people’s past accomplishments and positive qualities
  • Emphasizing what will be gained
  • Giving people the opportunity and permission to speak openly
  • Staying calm and not over reacting
  • Being steadfast in your commitment to building the business

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